Uses of Interface

Packages that use IProgram
org.jmacs.pd Programmable Device Framework. 

Uses of IProgram in org.jmacs.pd

Methods in org.jmacs.pd that return IProgram
 IProgram StartProgram.createProgram()
          returns a new instance of the program.
static IProgram StartProgram.createProgram(String classname, URL codebaseUrl)
          returns a new instance of the specified program, using a new classloader so as to ensure we get the latest version.
static IProgram StartProgram.createProgram(URL url)
          deserialises and returns a new instance of the specified serialised program.

Methods in org.jmacs.pd with parameters of type IProgram
 void Device.Proxy.startProgram(IProgram prog)
          starts the specified program.
 void IInterpreter.Context.startProgram(IProgram prog)
          starts the specified program.