Interface IMonitorGui

public interface IMonitorGui

monitor window GUI, for displaying the device's status. Implementations should also implement IMonitorGui.IContextAware, and perhaps also IExceptionHandler, if they wish to submit commands (explicit requests for certain values). A public constructor is required, optionally taking an argument of type Object, corr'ding to the constants passed to the IDi.AbstractFactory.createDi method invoked when deploying the device.

$Id: 2768 2008-02-09 15:24:41Z rob $
Rob Dickens

Nested Class Summary
static interface IMonitorGui.IContext
          passed to monitor windows implementing IMonitorGui.IContextAware, allowing them to submit commands.
static interface IMonitorGui.IContextAware
          have the IMonitorGui also implement this if it is to submit commands.
Method Summary
 JComponent getComponent()
          returns the root JComponent of the GUI.
 void refresh(Object status)
          refreshes the values displayed.

Method Detail


JComponent getComponent()
returns the root JComponent of the GUI. Might be called more than once.


void refresh(Object status)
refreshes the values displayed. Called by the dispatch thread, after getComponent, whenever new status arrives.